We have all been there. Busy running a home, often raising a family, or looking after elderly parents whilst trying to establish and run a business. It is hard, there is no doubt about it. Do you push through regardless? Historically that is what we have been always told to do right?

All of a sudden (and often without warning), you hit a wall. Whether it is fatigue, not sleeping or being ratty with family, having too much on your plate leads to stress, overwhelm and untold damage to your health. This then has an inevitable knock-on effect on your ability to function effectively in your business.

You are busy, which is fantastic and a testament to all of your hard work. Something has to give though. Often the reasons for being self-employed are complex and revolve around meeting the needs of family.

Whether it is to share your love and knowledge of your area of expertise, to top up the family income, to save for a family treat, health conditions, or as a special needs parent. When there is nothing else to give, it can be an incredibly stressful and overwhelming time.

Why should you use a VA?

Do you have family nearby who help out when they can, but sometimes the times you need them the most are when they are busy themselves?

Are there times when you wish you could just offload some back office admin, so that you can concentrate on your existing clients, getting new clients and growing your business?

Do you always push updating your website or publishing blog posts to the bottom of your to do list?

Have you heard horror stories about the cost of some websites, or the bad experiences friends have had?

Has your neighbour’s cousin’s son ‘who’s good with computers’ built a free website for you, but are you finding it a bit limited in what it can do, and doesn’t quite have the look that you want? Perhaps it’s too bright/colourful or not reflecting the professional image that you want to portray?

Is SEO a foreign language to you?

Does doing any tech jobs fill you with dread, and raise your stress levels through the roof?

Perhaps there is an idea you have burning at the back of your mind that you want to implement, but there just never seems to be the time?

You know you have skills and experience that you want to share with the world. Have you seen 5 day challenges and memberships, and would like to run one? Does the thought of doing all the tech for a membership put you off?

Have your competitors got the edge when it comes to online marketing? If you just had the time to implement your plans, you know that you can be back in the race and be recognised in your field as an expert.

Do you know that if you were to hire a techie VA, they can help with all of the above problems and many more?

We are a very versatile bunch who love taking the stress and overwhelm out of dealing with all the tech and learning new skills. We work remotely, allowing you to reduce your overheads. Covid-19 has brought many challenges for businesses suddenly faced with staff working from home. VA’s have been doing this, and having online meetings with clients for years. As tech evolves, so do we!

How good would it feel to turn your computer and phone off at a respectable hour? Enjoy some down time with your family and friends, or just have some me time? If you hire a VA, you can make that a reality! Safe in the knowledge that the tasks above will be completed by your VA in a timely and professional manner.

Today is International Virtual Assistant’s Day (May 15th 2020) .

International Virtual Assistant’s Day (#IVAD) has been celebrated on the 3rd Friday of May since 2006. VA’s all around the world come in many guises. Between us we have a whole host of skills and knowledge, but above all else, we just love to help our clients.

Virtual Assistants support and collaborate with each other. You can rest assured that if you approach a VA who doesn’t have the time or skills that meet your needs, they should be able to find and recommend someone who can.

My mentor is Amanda Johnson at VACT. Caroline Wylie heads up the Society of Virtual Assistants. They are very respected in the UK VA industry. Both have access to thousands of very talented and resourceful UK based Virtual Assistants.

What can I help you with?

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