How was your year last year?  What were your highlights? Perhaps some things didn’t go as planned?  If so, what have you learned from it, and what could you do differently? What do you wish you had more time for in your business?

2019 saw the launch of my business Time Saving Assistant which I had been quietly working on behind the scenes for a while.  It was a year full of learning, making valued new connections and friends and rediscovering my passion for supporting and helping people with tech. A particular highlight was being asked to support the lovely and very knowledgeable Vicki Jakes of on her 5 day Supercharge your website 5 day challenge. She’s running it again on the 20th January 2020. If you have a website, which you want to get in peak condition for the forthcoming year, then I can highly recommend joining the challenge!

This is as much your blog, as it is mine.  I have lots of plans in the pipeline, but what would you like hints and tips on?  How can I help you move your business forward? Please feel free to comment below, or drop me a message via my contact form:

Here’s to a fantastic new year for everyone’s business.