Sometimes you have to do the right thing.

When you recognise that you need to take a step back, so you can take a giant leap forwards.

These past 15 months haven’t been easy for any of us. I have been luckier than most in that I have been able to keep busy workwise. OK, I admit, I may have got carried away signing up for Memberships too!

On a personal level though, the stress has been bubbling away for much longer for my Son and me. As much as I’d love to have a massive vent, I can’t go into details (yet). What I can say is it’s time to prioritise us both and enjoy whatever the Summer brings.

Whilst we don’t have any holiday plans as such, it’s important that we spend some stress-free time together. We are also planning some much-needed exercise, and embarking on mission declutter. It seems like the never-never, but we are hoping to welcome the pitter-patter of 4 tiny feet later this year.

For that reason, I’m afraid I will be putting taking on any new clients on hold until September 2021.

Fear not, I’ll be back in September with a fantastic new service that will help you all generate more leads and sales. I can’t wait to launch it!

Until then, stay safe, and enjoy the summer and catching up with loved ones.

I’ll still be checking my emails from time to time.

Do you want to arrange a chat with a view to booking my time starting from September? Please feel free to use my contact form, or email me at