Blogs I Recommend

I’m often asked if there are any blogs I recommend.

Here is a selection of a few of my favourites and most frequently visited blogs:

Useful Blogs For VA’s

Becoming a VA is an attractive prospect for many – especially in the current climate. It is important however that Industry standards are respected and maintained, and information is taken from reliable sources. This list is not exhaustive, but these are a few that I respect and admire. Each trainer has had different experiences on their journey and has different strengths

Society Of Virtual Assistants
This is headed up by Caroline Wylie, and provides a multitude of useful articles and industry news for experienced and fledgling Virtual Assistants in the UK. The SVA also has a list of trainers that they have vetted and recommend.

Amanda Johnson is an award winning VA Mentor, and very respected in the Industry. The VACT Blog has a plethora of useful articles and downloads for VA’s at all stages of buildng their business. Amanda runs the fantastic VA Mastery course which is CPD accredited, and takes aspiring VA’s through all aspects of setting up their business. Watch this space – I will have an announcement on this in the coming weeks!

The VA Handbook
Jo Munro is the driving force behind the VA Handbook, which is a great resource for anyone starting out on their VA journey. As with VACT, there are a whole range of really helpful resources which can be downloaded. Jo has successfully travelled and worked as a VA. The versatility of a nomadic working lifestyle appeals to many (myself included), and Jo is launching training on this in the near future.

Useful Blogs For Marketing Tips

HubSpot is a great resource for useful articles and info on Marketing, Sales, Service and Websites. They have bespoke software which I haven’t looked into yet, but I find their blogs really helpful and insightful (and they are not all focussed on their own product).

Neil Patel
Neil Patel is very highly respected in the Digital Marketing Industry, and is certainly a go to resource for SEO tools. His blogs are very insightful and a fantastic mix of traditional narrative blogs, videos and podcasts.

Useful Blogs for Bloggers

Medium is a great repository of blogs on a whole host of subjects, which are written by and contributed by members of their community.

Later in the week I’ll be sharing some of my favourite small business blogs

This post was written for day 5 of Vicki Jakes’ 30 days of blogging challenge. It’s not too late if you want to join in. You can find her over here on her website, or in her free Facebook Group Online Marketing For Busy Website Owners.

What are your favourite blogs to read for business or self development? Please feel free to share them below.