Today is Day 2 of the 30 Days of Blogging Challenge set by Vicki Jakes in her free group Online Marketing For Busy Website Owners (with Vicki Jakes). Today I will give you 10 quick ideas for a blog to help you get started.

How do you come up with 30 blog ideas for a month?

The thought of even coming up with ideas for a blog seems daunting doesn’t it? Let alone posting one a day for a whole month. Once you start though, you will find the ideas will flow. Try just sitting down with a sheet of paper, and dumping all of your ideas down. You can structure and order them later, but the focus should be just getting the ideas out there.

What makes the best blogs?

As a coach or mentor, or any business for that matter, what do your ideal clients want to know about? How can you help them solve their problems? What would they search for on the Internet that you could answer? The goal being that when they enter their search term, your blog pops up, they click to read more on your website, and you answer their problem.

Here are 10 quick ideas for a blog to get you started:

  • About Me (Tell your ideal clients more about yourself, your life and family, or any struggles and how you overcame them)
  • About My Business (e.g. why you set your business up, what it does, who it helps)
  • 10 Ways I Can Help You (a great opportunity to link to your services page)
  • What Equipment I Use (e.g. if you are a maker /crafter, readers love knowing what equipment you use)
  • Who Inspires Me (e.g. This could be someone famous, or a coach /mentor)
  • 10 Favourite Business Books (Which books have you read? Whose words helped you on your business journey)
  • 10 Websites About… (Where do you go for inspiration, or even websites about a hobby or passion)
  • A Client Case Study/Guest Blog (Both are great ways to link to other websites)
  • An Infographic About…(everyone loves a good Infographic – what information can you share with your ideal clients?)
  • What I Am Studying (Are you studying for something new – perhaps a new service you will be offering?)